The project was completed in record time of 14 months at an expense of 75 Million dollars. Truly, it shows global teamwork & confidence of foreign investors in Pakistan. Its a British FDI newest technology, Chinese fabrication, an expert from South Africa, Poland, other parts of Europe, China, Philippines, Turkey and Pakistan all together made it happen. Again, we are very proud that we were able to make it happen in record time of 14 months & within the cost that we stipulated. We bring revolution to Pakistan beverage Industry, this will help a long way to boost the beverage industry in Pakistan. Previously, our customers in beverage industry used to import air from abroad, they used to get it from Dubai, Jordan, Turkey; now, that we are in, we will be able to provide them better service, better quality at better cost. So we’re very proud to bring the first aluminium manufacturing plant in Pakistan & we hope it will create a great business environment for not only ourselves but also for beverage industry in Pakistan.

Thank you so much!