Pakistan Aluminium Beverage Cans Limited was set up in 2014 to address a captive customer base, capitalizing on land connectivity of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Ashmore Investment Management Limited & Liberty Group joined hands in 2015 to execute the project. PABC started its commercial production in September, 2017 as the first and only aluminium beverage cans manufacturer in Pakistan

The production facility is built on a 20.9 acres of land in Special Economic Zone, Faisalabad with a rated capacity to produce 700 million cans per annum, due to which it enjoys 10–year tax holiday under Special Economic Zones Act, 2012. The strategic location of PABC’s plant has been proven to be instrumental in its success, allowing cost advantage due to close proximity of PABC’s plant with key beverage bottlers in Pakistan & Afghanistan.

Within a short span, PABC has not only captured the entire market in Pakistan, but also accounts for more than half of market share in Afghanistan – and continues to expand its footprint in new markets (USA, Tajikistan and Bangladesh)